Organization of Cell Sheet Tissue Engineering Regenerative Medicine initiative

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Organization of Cell Sheet Tissue Engineering Regenerative

Medicine initiative (CSTERM)

CSTERM was established in March 2017 as a non-profit supporting organization for translational R&D activities in the field of cell sheet tissue engineering and its application to regenerative medicine. Thegoal and main objective of CSTERM is to 1) gather experts and IPs and design pass way, 2) orchestrate both industrial and international partners globally by project, and eventually 3) create an eco system to rescue patients from unmet medical needs, where recent advances in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering could be sustainably utilized for the benefit of those who are suffering from various neglected diseases and disabilities, not onlyin Japan but also globally.

Significant breakthroughs in applications of regenerative medicine have been seen both in scientific findings and in practices in recent years as a result of close collaboration between biomedical researchers, and clinical doctors. TWMU-TWIns (Tokyo Women’s Medical University-Waseda University Joint Institution for Advanced Biomedical Sciences ) has been instrumental in creating such an intensive collaboration for translational efforts, between academia and various industrial players, which helped materialize autologous clinical application of tissue engineering regenerative medicine technologies for the diseases of eye, heart, esophagus, periodontal and knee cartilage in the form of human clinical study or clinicaltrial. TWIns is the symbol of intensive fusion research and allied development of innovative advanced therapies.

However, to fully capitalize on those academic achievements and promote not only autologous but also allogenic regenerative medicine for wide diffusion backed by industrial partners and clinicians, we believe it is vital to have an independent support organization to establish and manage a robust framework to accelerate smooth flow of information & technologies among various parties in collaboration with TWIns. An independent organization outside of TWIns will encourage individuals and institutions with different backgrounds or interests to join the activities in a flexible manner, thereby attracting broad range of talents and other resources.

CSTERM is, not only supporting other research entities, but also initiating its own development of thermo-responsive smart cellculture surface (SSCW) applicable for various type of cells and smooth subculture process. To develop global translational research network of cell sheet regenerative medicine, CSTERM also accelerates networking of global academic collaborators, such as CSTEC@Utah at University of Utah.    

We fully appreciate your understanding of existential value of CSTERM for researchers, clinicians and industry partners and encourage all to participate in cell sheet engineering R&D network to rescue patients worldwide.

Teruo Okano PhD.
Representative Director,
Cell Sheet Tissue Engineering Regenerative Medicine initiativeCSTERM
Emeritus Professor, Tokyo Women’s Medical University
Distinguished Adjunct Professor, University of Utah

Outline of CSTERM

Organization Name :Organization of Cell Sheet Tissue Engineering
Regenerative Medicine Initiatives “ CSTERM ”
(Generally Incorporated Association)

Address :
    Ark Mori Building 36F, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo,

Sub-office (R&D) :
   N301 TWIns 2F, Tokyo Women’s Medical University,
   8-1 Kawada-cho, Shinjuku-Ku,Tokyo, 162-8666

Representative Director:
   Teruo Okano    (Emeritus Professor, Tokyo Women’s Medical
Directors :
   Mime Egami     (Executive for Operation)
   Kentaro Uryu   (Legal/IP)
   Hiroshi Egami  (Business Development)
Auditor :
   Hiroshuke Kuwano

Established : March 6th , 2017

Main Bank :Kasumigaseki Branch, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank